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Morreale Bottle Sur Mesure

Le Monde sur Mesure by Morreale Paris

The Absolute Royal Fragrance.

Imagined by JP Morreale, this bespoke collection is the most exclusive line of perfume in the world. Le Monde sur Mesure is handcrafted using only the rarest and the most distinctive ingredients.

From the celebrated Parisian Roses de Mai to hand-picked Neroli from the Himalaya Mountains, we only use the best additives to create an unique scent that will suit you like a second skin. Each bottle is labelled with a serial number and wrapped in a mesmerizing 18k gold armor incrusted with some of the most expensive diamonds on the planet.

Every piece comes in its luxurious wooden travel case with a 18k gold bracelet.

It takes up to a year to create each bottle.

Le Monde sur Mesure is much more than a bespoke fragrance, it’s a true work of art, a conversational piece, a part of yourself.

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